Started a business

I have just started a new online business, the Bodybuilder OnlineStore (OS).

For the August promotion, we will be pushing for the True Mass, Serious Mass and AST VP2

The prices offered on the blog is reasonable.

At the moment, I’ve been selling it via gym and also to people that we know who are looking for supplements.

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Eat more fruits

I am trying to develop a habit of eating fruits thus I make Friday a salad day
And then I’m also considering Saturday as Juicy day…haha!!
You can view the entire post here on a more healthy lifestyle…

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While I ponder in the hotel room over the movie “limitless”, it makes me wonder how much we are missing of this world…a chance to make a difference…if only we could make full use of each and every single one of our potential.
Maybe it is impossible to make full use of our potential and maybe it is also impossible to cause the world to be doing the same but I guess it is possible to be the best of ourselves, surpassing our limits lil by lil everyday in the hope of making a better day…

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Angry Birds

I have been playing with the Angry Birds (RIO) lately. And honestly, I’ having a good time. I must said that it’s kinda addictive at the same time…

I like it because it is easy to play and at the same time, it can be quite tough as well. I normally play with it whenever I have free time, which I have a lot now. Anyway, I’ve managed to get pass the first episode: Smuggles’ Den with all levels passed with 3 stars. (proud of myself)

Anyway, the other day I went out with YenLeng and I even bought her an Angry Bird soft toy….tada!!

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Blog this while waiting for my breakfast to come…

Well, here is the snapshot of the coffee that I having…:-)

Breakfast with coffee is always the best…and this is what I will be eating…

Anyway makan session!! Yummy!! 🙂

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Location:Jalan Raja Ratnam,Ipoh,Malaysia

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Windows Phone 7: Mango update

I was reading the latest features that are available from the Mango update for the Windows Phone 7.
Honestly, the Windows Phone 7 Mango update has stir a lot of excitement for me…the 500 new features have been amazing and all the more because Nokia new smartphone will be running on Windows Phone 7 OS…

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Starbucks to release stress

Well, was feeling rather blue and tired…probably due to the busy weeks I had lately…the tests, assignment and also other workloads…at times, I find it hard to rest.
Anyway was glad that the tests are over for now so I can actually take some time to chill.
Well, I had Starbucks caramel latte (my favorite) and just chill around, online surfing and reading some light articles…was really just taking some time off from serious work.
I guess it is important to release stress for me, so that the pressure won’t be too unbearable for me. So, i’m happy to have my Starbucks, enjoying it with every sip a pleasure to the mouth…this is what I feel is when people talk about releasing stress and pressure…
This is the coffee I drink…my sister bought for me…;-)

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